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Artist Citywatch - Oslo

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Scandinavian design has typically been led by the Swedes and the Danes, but Norway’s crop of bold and exciting illustrators, designers and photographers have been creating a style all their own.

We looked to Oslo (and nearby!) for some of the most exciting and striking visual aesthetics and found a plethora of artists worth shouting about.

Here is a round-up of some of our favourites:

Natalie Foss

Natalie Foss uses coloured pencils to extraordinary effect, honing in on the personal and creating inner worlds that delve into themes such as loneliness and alienation. Her work has also adorned the covers of albums and t-shirts and she counts the likes of The Observer amongst her clients.


Mari Kanstad Johnsen 

Having worked on multiple children’s books Mari Kanstad Johnsen knows how to perfectly capture a world of imagination. Her characters take on myriad forms and her colours burst off the page, filled with playful and exaggerated expressions that immerse you in her alternate universes.


Knut Egil Wang

Knut Egil Wang’s insights into the human condition are gloriously shot but often have a humorous bent to them that’s so often lacking in documentary photography. Whether it’s capturing the strange subculture of tractors in rural Norway or the sense of anticipation along California’s San Andreas Fault, Wang has an eye for an unusual perspective that draws the viewer in.


Anne-Stine Johnsbråten

Documentary photographer Anne-Stine Johnsbråten specialises in long-term projects that highlight areas such as gender roles and class disparity. Above, a still from her project Eastside - Westside concentrates on the lives of teenage girls from opposite sides of Oslo's East - West city divide. Below, her project Good Wife, Wise Mother - Women in Japan examines social changes regarding motherhood in Japan and whether societal expectations are really happening.


Magnus Voll Mathiassen

Magnus Voll Mathiassen - or MVM as he’s also termed - has featured in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Vice and Wired, producing incredible portraits as well as vivid abstract works. He’s created beautiful takes on Rihanna, Beyonce, FKA Twigs, Frank Ocean, Donald Glover and many more with precise, swooping lines and shading that creates a bridge between our world and a technicolour fantasy.


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